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Expoziția la Primăria Buftea

The exhibition, round table and memorial procession (including a flower wreaths laying ceremony at the Buftea Heroes’ Cross) were organized, in Buftea, on the 9-th of June 2016 (Heroes’ Day) as part of the cultural project funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The city was chosen for the exhibition vernissage due to the fact that two project partners, of the National Institute of Heritage, two representative institutions for Ilfov County: the Ilfov County Culture Department and the Buftea Mayor’s Office. At the exhibition’s vernissage (18 exhibition panels) and at the round table, local and county authorities, representatives of education institutions, and even war heroes’ descendants, whose photographs and frontline journals were captured on two panels (Dan Alexandru Cucuiu, Petrişor Mariana etc.), took part. The Buftea Mayor’s Office exhibition, opened on the 9-th of June, lasted until the 1-st of July 2016.

Vernisajul expoziției la primăria Buftea - 9 iunie 2016 / Exhibition opening in the Buftea Mayor’s Office building on the 9-th of June photos
Panourile expoziției la primăria Buftea / Exhibition panels photos

Foto masa rotundă / Round table

Foto procesiune comemorativă / Memorial procession photos


A video of the vernissage – round table – memorial procession (flower wreaths laying ceremony at the historical monument Cross in the Buftea city center, a memorial Cross to the Heroes fallen in the line of duty during the First World War). On the Cross placed in the Buftea city center, the words of Queen Maria of Romania are written: “Do not shed tears, but praise your heroes so that their glory will be passed down faultlessly across generations” as well as the names of the one who bravely fell in the war.


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