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Obiective comemorative, memoriale şi funerare propuse pentru clasare


The "Monuments and Heroes - In Memory of the Great War. A Pilot Project (Ilfov County)" seeks to honor and commemorate 100years from Romania’s entrance (1916) into the First World War (1914-1918), an event leading to the making of Greater Romania. This project was designed as a tool for inventorying the memorial-funerary monuments, but it also highlights the life stories of some of the First World War Heroes.
At the same time, a way to raise awareness for communities and local authorities in order to value and conserve this identity charged heritage.
The project was finished with inventorying the monuments dedicated to the First World War Heroes of Ilfov County: 72 commemorative sites, of which 15 are inscribed in the Historical Monuments List, and for 6 sites proposal documents for inscription into the List are being made.
The memorial-commemorative / memorial monuments / funerary sites proposed for inscription respond to the criteria of: old age, architectural, artistic and urban planning value, rarity and uniqueness criteria, and memorial-symbolic criteria.
Aside from their great value in remembering the heroic acts of the First World War, the monuments proposed for inscription have artistic, architectural, urban planning values that justify their proposal for inscription in the Historical Monuments List. These are works made by certain authors - the sculptors Dumitru Măţăoanu, Spridon Georgescu, E. Lampaditis, etc - established as authors of valuable artworks honoring the memory of First World War Heroes.
The commemorative, memorial-funerary sites proposed for inscription, as a result of their evaluation according to the classification criteria for historical monuments, enshrined in the 2260/2008 Order regarding the Methodological norms of historical monuments classification are the following:

1. Monumental Cross in Brăneşti (inside the „St. Nicholas" church courtyard)
2. Monumental Cross in Cornetu, by sculptor N. Miheli (in front of Cornetu Mayor’s Office)
3. Monument in Grădiştea-Greci, by sculptor Dumitru Măţăoanu (at the crossroad of Libertăţii Street and the Dispensarul Street)
4. Monumental Cross in Lipia/ Gruiu commune, by sculptor L. Martinis (inside the „St. Nicholas" church courtyard)
5. Obelisk/ Monumental Cross in Siliştea Snagov/ Gruiu commune, by sculptor E. Lampaditis (inside the „St. Nicholas" church courtyard)
6. Statue to the First World War Heroes in Sinteşti/ Vidra
commune, by sculptor Spiridon P. Georgescu (inside a square, at the crossroad of Monumentului Street and County Road 401A, across Kindergarten nr. 4 in Sinteşti)


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