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The travelling exhibition dedicated to the First World War in the cultural project "Monuments and Heroes - In Memory of the Great War. A Pilot Project (Ilfov County)", funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration, enhances and brings back, to the memory of communities, sites of memorial value, that can be seen in 20 presentation panels of inventoried monuments, including photographs, letters, war journals belonging to heroes (two panels) of the First World War. There are 26 commemorative sites presented, of which 9 are public art monuments inscribed in the Historical Monuments List, and for other 6 sites classification documents are being drafted by the Ilfov County Culture Department, with the support of specialist from the National Institute of Heritage.
Also, a special section (two panels) is dedicated to the Aviator Prince George Valentin Bibescu, (1880-1941), an aviation pioneer and founder of the Romanian Aviation Club in 1909 and of the National Air League in 1912, squadron commander during the First World War, and also a founder of the Băneasa airport in Bucureşti.
While making the panels, we selected the most valuable images of the inventoried commemorative sites. At the same time, we followed a certain typology of representing various sites: crosses, wayside crosses, monuments, obelisks, statue groups, soldiers etc. Furthermore, a space is dedicated to the heroes and their frontline stories, in letters, documents, war journals belonging to the brothers Costa Foru, Stan Mărculescu, Gheorghe Banu, Dumitru Dădârlat, Virgil Potarcă, Pascu Stan, Ioan Trofin.



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