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Among the activities in the project, an Interactive Digital Map was created, as a web map app. Easy to use, an intuitive design; the digital map contains 72 memorial-commemorative sites in Ilfov County (crosses, wayside crosses, monuments, obelisks, statue groups, memorial plaques, etc.).
The left hand side area is used for navigating and selecting the sites by means of suggestive images of each monument.
The central area is the actual map containing all the project sites in Ilfov County. A monument once selected, a window containing brief information guides the user further by a link containing additional information on the site (description, dating, photographs, etc.).
The First World War Ilfov County Monuments map can be accessed on any online device, PC, tablet, smartphone. The information can be distributed by social media, through dedicated buttons. The map can be used as an educational and information tool concerning the Ilfov County Heroes’ Monuments.

The app was created by Ciprian Sandu, in the "Monuments and Heroes - In Memory of the Great War. A Pilot Project (Ilfov County)" cultural project, realized by the National Institute of Heritage, cofinanced by the National Cultural Fund Administration.
The app was realized on the ESRI platform, using the The Story Map Shortlist℠ template, based on a ArcGIS Online digital map.
The app can be accessed at: http://harta.marelerazboi-ilfov.ro/