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Expoziția la Palatul Mogoșoaia


On the 25-th of October 2016 (Day of the Romanian Armed Forces) at the Mogoşoaia Palace - our partner, the Brancovan Palaces Cultural Center - the events of the project’s second stage will take place: the exhibition, round table and memorial procession. We chose Mogoşoaia due the monument complex: architecture, public art, memorial and funerary monuments, and commemoration works. On the palace grounds there’s the Gh. Bibescu Chapel - built during XIX-th century - an actual necropolis for the family, it’s keeping the graves of Mogoşoaia’s last owners and their kin: Prince Nicolae G. Bibescu and his wife Helene Louise Ney d’Elchingen, Prince George Bibescu and his wife, Valentine de Caraman Chimay, Princess Elisabeth Bibescu, Princes Mihai Basarab Brâncoveanu and George Basarab Brâncoveanu. Prince George Valentin Bibescu is one of the main aviator heroes of the First World War, founder of the Romanian Air Club in 1909 and the National Air League in 1912. During 1911-1912, George Bibescu was commandant of the Cotroceni Flight School. By his initiative, the "reconnaissance squadron" was founded; the first one to fly during a war, and it was led by him personally in the Balkans war. "Romania before all and Romania is us, Romanians. Believe me, we have reasons for sacrifice!" he used to tell his students. The effect of this moral nationalist impulse, estranged from the demagoguery of cowards or boastful men, has flourished during the Unification War. He participated as volunteer of the Romanian Army during the First World War as commander of the two reconnaissance squadrons of the Romanian Air Force. They raided numerous German positions, in adverse conditions, for this reason the French officers of General Berthelot’s mission were calling the Romanian pilots of George V. Bibescu "the joyous suicidal maniacs". Also, in 1920-1923, he was president of the Romanian Olympic Committee. He was Grand Master of the Grand National Lodge of Romania (1911-1916) and Honorary Grand Master in 1925. In 1930 he is president of the National Aeronautical Federation. At the entrance, in the palace yard next to Snagov lake lays the monument to the First World War Heroes.
The exhibition will be organized at the Mogoşoaia Palace on the 25-th of October until the 25-th of November 2016. We’ll be back with photographs and details about the exhibition, the round table and the memorial procession.


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